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Our Spot The Ball API Solution

B2B Competition Software

Over the last two decades, Tentacle Solutions has provided entrepreneurs, local governments, corporations and football clubs with more than five thousand individual Spot the Ball games. While our client’s web developers concentrate on designing a visually appealing competition website, we handle the Spot the Ball technology.

Our API servers will handle all your daily traffic with our highest daily recorded for a single client peaking at 1.2 million records.

We host our Spot the Ball API Software on five secure servers which we continually keep up to date against all the latest cybersecurity threats.

With Tentacle Solutions, your business benefits from the decades of experience and thousands of projects that we run for our clients. Our Spot the Ball software is a ready out-of-the-box turnkey solution, so you can concentrate on engaging with your growing audience.

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The all-in-one Solution

With over a decade of experience, our solution will help your Web Development team launch your Spot The Ball Competition professionally and quickly.

Our Spot The Ball Technology

Our system, developed using the industry’s leading edge platform, will allow your users to play the game on any device including mobile devices. We have designed the technology to allow for a safe, fun and secure environment for your users.

You are in Control

Our solution includes a secure administration CRM for yourselves to monitor your competitions progress. It includes a separate login for your web developers and allows you to create and customise your games autonomously.


Our system will provide a special secure screen for your judges to select the winning position. Once your judges have made their selection, our software will invoke our unique algorithm to analyse the entries and select the winner.
Empowering your IT Team

Web Developer Friendly

Your Administration CRM allows you to add your Web Development team’s details. Once they have logged in, they will only be able to access the technical portions that will help them integrate our Spot the Ball Solution into their website.

As well as being able to access our full API library and help files, your web developers will also be able to autonomously customise the Play Game experience for your users.

Spot The Ball Articles

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Starter’s Guide to Spot the Ball Competition Sites

Spot The Ball competition is a game that gives you the chance to win exciting rewards like cash prizes and dream cars. What do you have to do? The way it works is simple. You must predict the location of the ball after it has been removed from the photograph of a ball sport, mostly football.

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5 easy steps how to mess up your Spot the Ball competition

Running a Spot the Ball Competition site is easy - you don't even need to do marketing research, find a gamification consultant, or have a design in place. That is if you want it to fail, of course. Our team prepare five steps we see repeated over and over again that lead to STB projects failure.

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Car/Prize Competition Sites

Prize Competitions

Our unique Spot The Ball Turnkey solution can be used to run one or multiple games simultaneously each giving away one or many prizes such as luxury cars, high-end electronics, experiences etc.

We also offer multiple unique game playing platforms to suit the style of competition you want to run.

Finally you are always in control of your competitions 24/7 with our powerful and user-friendly Admin System.

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24/7 access to your data

Competition CRM

You will receive a centralised client communication system that will give you and your team unlimited access to your competition data anywhere in the world.

Create and set up your future Spot The Ball games at any time. Also you can customise your Play Game screen; right down to the colours of the buttons, the text shown and the icon shown when a user places their ball.

Also administer your Web Team’s access, create judging links for ended games and reconcile data with your server. All from one CRM system.

Your CRM system will also give you powerful detailed reports on all of your competitions activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are looking for something similar to Car/Prize Competition websites - can you help?

    Certainly! We have a turnkey solution that would be perfect for your business. Please get in touch and we will present you the options.

  • Does the image for the Spot the Ball game have to be football related?

    Absolutely not. You can use any image you wish. Tennis, golf, and badminton action shots are among the popular ones, too! Also, we can replace the "ball" icon (which appears when the user places the ball) with something more appropriate - e.g. a tennis ball.

  • Where can we source the image for our Spot The Ball game?

    It is extremely difficult to get decent images to use for competitions that hold Common License. All Premier League games are off limits and so are any non-league games where you will not have the rights of all people shown in the picture.

    For this reason, Tentacle Solutions exclusively contracts a professional photographer who hires professional athletes to perform exclusively for our photoshoot. The players, football ground, and the grounds played - all sign rights over to Tentacle and their clients for exclusive access.

  • We would like to discuss our project - what is the best way forward?

    Use the contact form below and let us know more about yourselves and your project. If we need more information we will contact you otherwise we will send you our latest infopack along with an invitation for us to demo our solution.

  • Can we run multiple games at a time?

    Absolutely. We offer a variety of licences, one of which allows you to run unlimited games at any time.

  • Do we have to give you our user details?

    No! We do not need any personal details from your users. Apart from sending us a unique id for each user to help our servers communicate, we do not need to know anything else.

  • How soon can our web developers start integrating?

    Immediately! As soon as we have agreed on the right licence for you, you and your Web Team will have access to all our APIs and help files.

  • How will our judges select the winning position?

    Once your game has ended, you will be able to generate links for your judges. The judges will be able to place one entry with the ability to undo their decision. Once they click "proceed" the screen will be locked and the winning positions stored in our database. From here, our state of the art software will initiate our unique algorithm to determine the winner.

  • How much does it cost?

    We offer 3 licences as we believe that not all competitions are the same. Therefore our solution will always fit your needs and requirements. Please contact us using the form above and we will send you our latest infopack along with an invitation for us to demo our solution.

  • I am just looking to run a Spot the Ball competition for a couple of days at my event. Can you help?

    Yes! Check out our software specifically catering for Expos and Conferences.
    It is called DaPlayta - click here to check it out.