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Exceptional Competition Software

Over the last decade, Tentacle Solutions has provided over five hundred entrepreneurs, local governments, mega corporations and football clubs with more than three thousand individual Spot the Ball games. While our client’s concentrate on growing their virtual footfall to millions of visits per month – we handle the technology.

No matter how much traffic you expect – we can provide a solution for it. Our servers handle 350,000 new Spot the Ball records daily and our highest record peaking at 1.2 million records for a single client in one day.

We host our Spot the Ball Software on five secure servers which we continually keep up to date against all the latest cybersecurity threats.

With Tentacle Solutions, your business benefits from the decades of experience and thousands of projects that we run for our clients. Our Spot the Ball software is a ready out-of-the-box turnkey solution, so you can concentrate on engaging with your growing audience.

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The all-in-one Solution

With over a decade of experience, we can advise and help launch your Spot The Ball Competition professionally and quickly.

Responsive Website Development

Our team of skilled developers can help develop a state of the art website to encompass our cutting-edge spot the ball software. Alternatively, we can work with your current web team to incorporate their designs into our software.

Secure and Fast SQL Database Hosting

We can provide a secure, fast and reliable SQL database to store all the important data including your client login details. Your solution will be protected by a responsive support team combined with proactive server monitoring.

Selecting a winner

We will provide a special secure screen for your judges to select the winning position. Once your judges have made their selection, our software will invoke our unique algorithm to analyse the entries and select the winner.

Payment Processor

Over the years we have integrated our software with a wide range of payment processors; Cliq Pay, Paypal, First Data, Stripe and more. Once you have your processor on board, the team will quickly integrate their API into our system.

Our Spot The Ball Technology

Our system, developed using the industry’s leading edge platform, will allow your users to play the game on any device including mobile devices. We have designed the technology to allow for a safe, fun and secure environment for your users.

State of the art Administration website

Our solution includes a secure administration module for yourselves to monitor your competitions progress. It includes several powerful reporting tools for ball placements, registrations and purchases; as well as up to the minute statistics.
Your 24/7 Admin Portal

Big Data

Access your powerful admin portal via any browser on any device using a secure login page. Get the latest stats and update your current and future game text and images 24/7 with our CMS system.

All the information you could possibly need to know regarding your competition will be at your fingertips. This includes instant reports on the data your competition has collected, easy to read graphs and instant feedback headers on your competition’s current stats.

Spot The Ball Articles

Our Latest Articles

Latest News

Starter’s Guide to Spot the Ball Competition Sites

Spot The Ball competition is a game that gives you the chance to win exciting rewards like cash prizes and dream cars. What do you have to do? The way it works is simple. You must predict the location of the ball after it has been removed from the photograph of a ball sport, mostly football.

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5 easy steps how to mess up your Spot the Ball competition

Running a Spot the Ball Competition site is easy - you don't even need to do marketing research, find a gamification consultant, or have a design in place. That is if you want it to fail, of course. Our team prepare five steps we see repeated over and over again that lead to STB projects failure.

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Gamification training: making education fun in schools and in government

Gamification has begun greatly influencing the education system. Let's discuss how you can gamify education experience at any level.

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Customise Your Competition Site Your Way

Engagement Features

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram integration for user registration, login and sharing.

Reporting Features

You will have access to is being able to run instant reports on the data your competition has collected.

Payment Gateway

Offer your users a choice from multiple payment options including Paypal and many other international payment gateways.

Mobile Responsive

Our solutions are developed using the latest HTML5 and CSS technology to produce beautifully responsive platforms.

Reward & Offers

Reward users to refer friends and family and even over custom discounts and offers discounts and offers

Social Media Influencers

Create custom URL links for celebrities who will be able to monitor themselves the success of their campaign

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Car/Prize Competition Sites

Prize Competitions

Our unique Spot The Ball Turnkey solution can be used to run one or multiple games simultaneously each giving away one or many prizes such as luxury cars, high-end electronics, experiences etc.

You can run multiple competitions on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. We also offer multiple unique game playing platforms to suit the style of competition you want to run.

Finally you are always in control of your competitions 24/7 with our powerful and user-friendly Admin System.

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24/7 access to your data

Competition CRM

You will receive a centralised client communication system that will give you and your team unlimited access to your competition data anywhere in the world.

Get an overview of your competition's progress with our real time dashboard. Instantly gain insights into the number of entries that have been purchased, expected revenue, your competition’s performance, and much more.

Save valuable time by automating your marketing processes. Prepare new competitions and set them to go live at a future date. Respond to customer queries. Also, administer any gamification elements you wish to place onto your competition site from this admin site. All from one CRM system.

Your CRM system will also give you powerful detailed reports on all your competition's activity and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are looking for something similar to Car/Prize Competition websites - can you help?

    Certainly! We have a turnkey solution that would be perfect for your business. Please get in touch and we will present you the options.

  • Does the image for the Spot the Ball game have to be football related?

    Absolutely not. You can use any image you wish. Tennis, golf, and badminton action shots are among the popular ones, too! Also, we can replace the "ball" icon (which appears when the user places the ball) with something more appropriate - e.g. a tennis ball.

  • Where can we source the image for our Spot The Ball game?

    It is extremely difficult to get decent images to use for competitions that hold Common License. All Premier League games are off limits and so are any non-league games where you will not have the rights of all people shown in the picture.

    For this reason, Tentacle Solutions exclusively contracts a professional photographer who hires professional athletes to perform exclusively for our photoshoot. The players, football ground, and the grounds played - all sign rights over to Tentacle and their clients for exclusive access.

  • Can we update the text, images and banners on the static areas of our site?

    Definitely! You have complete control over the maintenance of your prizes and games. You will also be able to update the other areas of your site via your admin portal. We will implement our CMS into key screens of your site, e.g. your home page, about us, etc. so that you have complete control over your content.

  • We would like to discuss our project - what is the best way forward?

    Use the contact form below and let us know more about yourselves and your project. If we need more information we will contact you otherwise we will send you a detailed proposal along with links to our demo sites.

  • Can we develop a second Q&A style competition on the same site?

    Absolutely. We have a variety of engaging Q&A style platforms that can be added as a secondary competition on the same site.

    For instance, you can have a category called "Luxury" where users must play the Spot The Ball game and then another called "Lifestyle" where users must play the Q&A game.

  • What happens when we want to go ahead?

    The first step will be to begin designing your complete system in the form of a Functional Document. This document will be the unique blueprint for your competition. Once approved it will ultimately act as a guide for our staff throughout the entire development cycle. Also the completed system will be tested against the specs laid out in this document.

  • What happens during development?

    Whilst our team go to work on your project, you will still play an active role in the key development areas. You will be sent a questionnaire asking for your input in all areas of the user interaction process e.g. approval for the text in the emails to be sent out to users. Once the site has been developed you will be sent a link to a secure test site.

    It is our goal is to keep you in the loop whilst we develop your system. To achieve this we send a daily email at the end of each day with the project status and programmer notes.

  • Will my competition be playable on mobiles?

    Absolutely. Our technology has been evolving for the last 10 years to incorporate the fast pace of mobile devices screens. Your site will be completely responsive i.e. will work seamlessly on mobile and tablets. Rest assure, your game will resize and ratio exactly for the screen size.

  • How fast can my competition be ready?

    Our development process takes 7 working days. However this does not include the time for design approvals. Also, you will need to factor in the time it will take you to get approval from your payment processor.

  • Do you provide any support once the competition is LIVE?

    Yes we can provide a low weekly maintenance package which will help give you peace of mind. As visitors return to your site regularly, they will see the website looking fresh and inviting as we will update banners and graphics. Also if you have any tweaks needed in the development, this can be covered within the maintenance!

  • What happens when someone plays our spot the ball game?

    When users click "proceed" their entries will be stored securely in our database. They will be immediately notified of the exact positions they have selected and emailed this information as well.

  • Can I see some sites that you have already developed?

    We currently work with multiple clients around the world but also many of these have multiple brands/sites so it’s quite a long list! However we have a responsibility as a B2B supplier to protect our clients IP. They have developed, with our team, some interesting and valuable features within their site which we would never disclose to another client. Also, in the same way, when you are a Tentacle client you will be assured that we would not just give away all of your unique ideas to potential competitors.

  • How will our judges select the winning position?

    We will provide a secure special page that will contain the same game your users will have played. The judges will be able to place one entry with the ability to undo their decision. Once they click "proceed" the screen will be locked and the winning positions stored in our database. From here, our state of the art software will initiate our unique algorithm to determine the winner.

  • How much does it cost?

    We offer a flexible solution as we believe that not all competitions are the same. Therefore our proposal will be unique to your needs and requirements. Please contact us using the form below and we will send you a detailed proposal for your competition.

Who We Are

Tentacle Logo Tentacle Solutions

Since 2001 Tentacle Solutions has provided Software and Game Development services to companies around the world. Based in Glasgow, Scotland they are contracted to develop software and games in both public and private sector projects.

Tentacle Solutions first developed the Spot the Ball B2B Software in 2007. Over the years the solution has been refined and updated to the latest technology available. It has been developed as a turnkey solution for businesses that wish to sell their property or give away prizes like luxury cars in an innovative and legal platform.

Over the years we have worked directly with over 250 spot the ball competitions for our clients and licensed the software to over 100 media and agencies around the world. Our solution has been designed to work efficiently and seamlessly in the background which frees our clients to spend their time marketing their website.

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