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Prepare for war

  • July 26, 2019

On the frontlines – you are engaging your audience, motivating your players, developing a strategy and the skilled games themselves; on the other front – battling trolls and scammers while others are guaranteeing security, encryption, and privacy to protect your rear.

Sounds like war.

Organizing and owning a competition site can feel like one. Setting up a new competition site is full of risks and requires lots of preparation and planning. Those cannot be properly done without the help of seasoned veterans on all fronts to cover your company and can use their experiences when things go south.

Who are those loyal soldiers and officers on the competition frontlines?

To prepare for a face-off with all the possible threats when setting up a competition site you need your Management, Marketing, Payment processing, Legal and Tech teams, all working in complete unison. That’s why transparency in the processes is essential.

Each team will need to work within their own area of expertise and specialization while understanding what others do, what are their ultimate goals for you are, and working together when needed - all to provide a synergetic effect on the whole endeavour.

But synergy on the frontlines won’t be possible if the teams are not experienced in helping competition sites and skilled games in the past. Something so specific is bound by the ancient Meno’s paradox of “you can’t know that you don’t know something if you don’t know it”.

A lot of things are known to specialists in the industry only through experience. For example, Tentacle Solutions know when and how to use “spies” (hired hackers) in testing the security of the sites and games because they’ve been running skilled games for their clients for decades and have therefore polished their strategies and techniques.

Same goes for legal, marketing, and all the other departments.

This is especially true for when something goes wrong and the integrity of the entire competition is at stake and it can be under attack on more than one front – there is just no time for studying and learning. It is time for action - and only the best will do the trick.

Just like the soldiers in the trenches, everyone who works in the risky business of skilled game competitions needs to trust their brothers-in-arms. And this harmony between the teams and the professionals working together is visible to the customers, despite being behind-the-scenes, – they can feel when the organizing company operates smoothly like a Swiss watch and that everyone is in their right place. It is palpable. Trust within the company, no matter what happens, earns the trust of your customers which let’s face it, is your ultimate goal.

Setting up a new competition site is full of risks and requires lots of preparation and planning, and those can’t be properly done without the help of seasoned professionals.