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Skilled Solutions For Peace Of Mind


  • September 19, 2019

Getting a competition site developed requires only three basic criteria from the supplier:

1.  how fast the job will be completed

2.  the quality of the finished product

3.  and how easy it is to communicate

Usually any two of three is sufficient. When all three are combined – then you can be assured that the job will be done swiftly, the supplier will always be there to provide support, the quality of the delivered product will be top-notch and the suppliers will have shown that they cared about you and the project. That means you get the ultimate service that you can expect. That is the type of supplier you should hold on to with all you got.

This is exactly the kind of service that Tentacle Solutions provides for their skilled games solutions.

Tentacle’s approach is to provide its clients with the most high end and professional solution possible – a complete peace of mind. Everything is taken care of at every step the of the way. The main features of this approach include:

Turnkey skilled games
Fifteen years of polishing the mechanism and the design of the games afford Tentacle Solutions to offer a true luxury – a skilled game that can be introduced and implemented within a day. While other developers will have to spend months designing a user interface or sorting out game mechanics (not to mention learning how to handle judges in Spot the Ball games), your game from Tentacle will be running from day one.

“Always on” Support
It’s a nightmare when the server goes down on a Friday evening and your site gets a whole weekend of unsatisfied players who can’t access the game or worse – they are losing their money. That’s not a scenario Tentacle Solutions clients will ever experience since their support team are available whenever they are needed and ready to provide all the help and advice you may need.

Skilled Game Expertise
The fifteen years mentioned above means that Tentacle’s team lives and breathes skilled games. They know all the intricacies and risks that it entails and all the ways to solve any problem. Designing games for different audiences? Check. Making games accessible from anywhere and on anything that has a screen? Check. And just ask their teams about all the things they can do with your data.

Love for Data
The heart of everything Tentacle Solutions do is the deep love for data in all its forms and applications. If there is a skill for gathering it, storing, organizing, analyzing or applying data, developers and managers from Tentacle solutions mastered all of them. With the growing number of regulations and security risks, it would be way too expensive to choose people who don’t know all things data inside out.

Tentacle Solutions offers a sort of “warm embrace” in the world corporate skilled games. Their care of your product and the peace of mind they offer means that you won’t have to worry about a thing when you get a skilled games solution from Tentacle. Take any criteria for a good business partnership and be sure that Tentacle Solutions meets it.

Tentacle Solutions offers a sort of “warm embrace” in the world corporate skilled games.

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