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Encouraging Others To Market And Promote Your Competition


  • June 19, 2019

Rewarding your users brings a deeper and more valuable connection - this is especially true with a specialized niche like Skilled Games and Spot the Ball Competitions.

One such aspect is the audience’s willingness to share with their friends and simultaneously get rewarded for doing so. However encouraging your users to invite their friends and family and encourage them to play can seem like an uphill struggle. However a little reward is all it takes to tip the scales!
On the other hand, there are influencers who have earned the trust of their audience and can partner up with the organizers of the game and invite their fans to play Spot the Ball – further leading more people to the game and the ever-growing exposure.

For those situations, Tentacle solutions have developed two referral systems: user and social.

With user referral system every player gets a unique, personal URL that they can share with their friends and family to invite them to join the game. Anyone who registers via that unique link allocates their registration in favor of the person who invited them and earns wonderful bonuses for them and themselves – e.g. a free game credit after a certain number of referrals and other things.

In case of the social referral system, Instagram or Twitter (or basically any social media) influencers can promote the game and track their referrals via the special toolkit provided to them. The system works similarly to the user one: your company generates a unique URL for e.g. for Instagrammers who will share it with their followers and invite them to play. The influencers will get credit for every registration that resulted from their link.

A fair system that rewards everyone is the best way to market your competition site.

Players flock to skilled game competitions, Spot the Ball in particular, because it requires skill, patience, and sound judgment. It feels fair and thus the winning, even the anticipation of winning, feels much more rewarding. Thus, it is a challenge for a skilled games developer to make every aspect of the game honest and transparent – referral system among them.

That way the marketing aspect of the campaign is seamless, users can enjoy the game with their friends and family, and influencers can engage their audience while promoting the game.
Fair and square.

A fair system that rewards everyone is the best way to market anything

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