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Applying Fairness To Your Skilled Game


  • October 11, 2019

Spot the Ball may seem intuitive enough to assume that everyone gets how it works. Yet, it is important to remember that any gamified activity is structured like a language. There is a logic to it; there are skills that players pick up intuitively, never paying attention to how they learn it.

Skilled games must provide players with a clear and easy way of understanding the game’s mechanics and rules; this ensures all players get to apply the “skill” part properly. Often, skilled game developers make the mistake of designing the game with the assumption that everyone who will play it, is already a native player. This could dissuade new and inexperienced players from embracing the game and the chance to win your prizes.

How should your company avoid this mistake and make the game accessible to everyone?

Tutorial videos
Professional animators in Tentacle’s design team can create a short animated “how-to-play” video (or a series of videos) that would walk the players through every step of the game process. The videos are tailored to each particular game, audience and the issues that arise from the game.

Online Chat
Tentacle’s software allows the players to contact support via an online chat form.

Social media
Another way to inform the players and spread the word about your Spot the Ball. Tentacle and the organizers hire a blogger or YouTuber to show and explain how the game works. In addition, you get access to the blogger’s audience.

The mother of all online help—Tentacle collects data and analyses frequent issues that players have and sets up a FAQ to explain the basics and solutions to them.

Virtual Assistant
An advanced version of the FAQ with the addition of the AI. Players can input a question and the AI prepares the best answer. It gives players the impression of live interaction and keeps them on the site of the game instead of forcing to leave and look for help.

The presence of comprehensive help and explanation of mechanics of both the game and the site completes two goals: first, it takes the strain off the newcomers, teaches players its mechanics and rules which eases them into your skilled game competition; second, it shows that your company care not only about the numbers of engagements and hits but also that you actively try to make your game fair and fun for all types of users.

People come to skilled games for prizes and challenges, but ultimately–they want to have a good time. And it is in the hands of yourselves and Tentacle Solutions to bring this to every player.

People come to skilled games for prizes and challenges, but ultimately–they want to have a good time.

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