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The Price of Spot the Ball


  • September 23, 2020

Every good thing in life comes with a price, and so does our Spot the Ball solution. 

If you think our Spot the Ball Solution is overpriced, this article is just for you.

At TS, we give paramount importance to the legality of the solutions we provide, unlike most other platforms. There is a very thin line between games of chance and games of skills, and sometimes it does become challenging to categorize these games. However, with TS, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands, away from the trouble of getting on the Gambling Commission’s radar. We recognize games of skill to be different from chance-based games in the following ways:
Skilled games have a requirement for a physical or mental ability as well as a learned aptitude to put a result to fruition. These games usually require the use of knowledge, method, physical coordination, potency, technical expertise, or strategy.

Spot the Ball is just the tip of the iceberg, and we build solutions that are naturally gamified in all of their elements

Chance based games are such that they have a result strongly subjective to random chance or improbability. Standard randomization devices include but are not limited to dice, playing cards,  balls drawn from a container that are numbered. 

Those games that do not fall under the skill-based category are obviously vulnerable to scrutiny by the Gambling Commission. We get many people every month coming to us because they have received a letter from the Gambling Commission. Once you are under their radar, your site is scrutinized, and you will be told to bring down your site. However, our years of experience and expertise will save you from that trouble.

Furthermore, TS is unlike many other providers that put user data at risk of exploitation. At TS, we strive to provide top-notch security and guarantee the safety of the gathered data. Hence, our version of Spot the Ball is much more safe and suitable for running a competition that is free of risk of data exploitation. We make use of SSL certificates that are digital certificates that provide authentication for a website and enable a connection that is encrypted. Not only do we have secure databases, but we also do not collect or store any transaction data and thus ensure the privacy of all the parties.

Most importantly, we are familiar with the essence of gamification. We believe that good gamification doesn’t start with game elements but rather with how it stimulates our core drives. Henceforth, Spot the Ball is just the tip of the iceberg, and we build solutions that are naturally gamified in all of their elements.

 We only deal with B2B sites- a business-to-business site is one that is designed for the explicit purpose of selling products and services to businesses and not retail consumers. The sites you see are clients that have now sold their business on or are no longer affiliated with us. Our clients range from Football Associations, private clubs, international agencies, and private businesses. They all bring their own USPs, which they work hard on developing. You (the reader) are direct competition for them, so we would not give away their IP. When you become a client of TS, you would expect the same level of secrecy and discretion.

What's more, our sites are built on success - high priority is given to user experience and SEO optimization in the course with TS competition sites.

With all the advantages and bonuses of working with TS, as mentioned earlier, we don’t see why you wouldn’t be willing to invest here. To conclude, we’d like to reiterate that all magic comes with a price.

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