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Starter’s Guide to Spot the Ball Competition Sites


  • October 17, 2021



Part 1:

How Does it Work

How to Create a Spot the Ball Competition Website


Part 2:

What Should You Do

What Are We Going to Do

Logo Design and Web Design

Web Development



Part 3:

What You Don’t Know

Expert Strategies for the Game

Part 4:

Pay Attention to the Eye Line of the Players

Use a Digital Ruler

Watch Videos of Spot the Ball Judges

Zoom In and Zoom Out

Play Multiple Tickets

Part 5:


What is Spot the Ball?

Spot The Ball competition is a game that gives you the chance to win exciting rewards like cash prizes and dream cars. What do you have to do? The way it works is simple. You must predict the location of the ball after it has been removed from the photograph of a ball sport, mostly football.

Starting a Spot the Ball Competition website is no easy feat, and several important factors need to be considered to build a smooth and user-friendly website. You will need developers, designers, UX experts, marketers, and content creators that can develop a stable, appealing, fast, and reliable competition website for you.

Want to start a Spot the Ball Competition website? You are in luck because our company has everything you need to create your perfect competition website.



How Does it Work?

To create a Spot the Ball competition website, having the proper game knowledge is key. For instance, how everything works and how people participate. When you visit a Spot the Ball competition website, you will see a “Play Now” button, click on it, and then it will ask you to choose the prizes you wish to win. It could be a huge cash prize or even a supercar. Sounds grand, right?

Remember, one ticket allows you one prediction about the ball’s location.

The next step is to select the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Remember, one ticket allows you one prediction about the ball’s location. The website will show you an image of a football match, or some other ball sport, with the ball missing. Your task is to determine the location of the ball and after giving your predictions, you can check the answer. The judges will determine the optimal location of the ball at the end of the competition. The player with the closest prediction to the judges wins.


How to Create a Spot the Ball Competition Website

Many people are clueless about where to begin when they think of starting a Spot the Ball competition website. They do not know where they can find a reliable company that can develop their website and they have no knowledge about negotiating the terms and conditions for it. This is where we come in to save the day.

Tentacle is the company that can build your entire website and sort out all the complexities. We have a great team of web developers, web designers, data analysts, and marketers that can do everything for you. Our web developers have years of experience in developing various games and competition websites, so they know how to do it right. We have a team of designers who know how to create a wide range of websites, including competition websites. Our data analysts are experts at performing data analysis of different types of websites to help our clients make the right and long-term decisions. And our marketers have developed successful strategies for our clients to reach their target audience with an excellent conversion rate.



The most crucial part of setting up a competition website is planning. This is where the real work begins, as this could make or break everything for your website. Therefore, we encourage you to discuss everything with us, whatever ideas you have cooking in your head, we welcome them. At Tentacle, we ensure that your website does not lack anything. We believe in engaging our clients and making them an active part of the planning stage.

We do not want anything to happen without your knowledge and approval. It always helps to plan everything ahead and make all the preparations before starting the work on the website design and development.


What Should You Do

Spot the Ball - What should you do?

Some things that you should do to help the process along is:

- Set up a company. However, if you already have one, then that makes things even easier.
- Consult a lawyer for legal issues after you discuss website development with us. It is always a smart approach to take care of legal matters at the start of any new process.
- Have the prizes that participants will win on your website. Remember that people will be playing to win prizes. Anyone who visits a Spot the Ball competition website hopes to win grand cash prizes. Therefore, your cash prizes must draw people in if you want to attract participation.


You must arrange three things about the prizes for your website:

1. An agreement with your partner or supplier, as it will ensure that your website will offer prizes to the participants. Nobody likes a scam. This can be the most challenging part because you must convince partners and suppliers to work with you. The good thing is that many companies are happy to work with competition websites because they know such sites get many visitors.
2. A description of the rewards that you will offer. You need to write clear descriptions with details of the prizes.
3. Pictures of the prizes. People participate when they see the real thing.


What Are We Going to Do?

Tentacle is going to take care of the rest of the work. We have a trained team of developers, designers, marketers, and experts. We will get a URL for your company website to get things started.


Logo Design and Web Design

You’ve got the vision; we’ve got the dream team. We understand everyone wants the best logo and if there is one thing we can promise, it is highly skilled artwork. Our team of expert designers will listen to your ideas and work their magic to ensure you get what you want. Don’t like the first logo? No problem. The designers will keep improving and doing better until we can give you something that makes you go “yes!” We only care about making you satisfied.


Spot the Ball - Logo Design

People are attracted to websites that are appealing but most importantly, websites that are responsive and user-friendly.

A website’s design plays an integral role in its success. People are attracted to websites that are appealing but most importantly, websites that are responsive and user-friendly. Our designers know what works well for gaming websites, they will give you different options and you can take your pick. Just have a detailed discussion with our designers so they can understand your requirements and create the best design for your website.


Web Development

Web development for games is known as one of the most challenging tasks for developers. But does that deter our developers? Nope. An ordinary developer or coder does not possess the necessary skills to develop a competition game website where thousands of people sign in and participate daily. You need the best for this and we have that.

Our developers know how to translate your requirements into complex yet clean and efficient code. They can construct the base or the engine on which your game will run. Furthermore, they can produce prototypes of features and gameplay ideas.

Developers at Tentacle have years of experience in generating game scripts and storyboards. Our team can also animate objects and characters if it becomes necessary for the design and audio features of the game.

The clarity of visuals elevates the user experience and plays a major role in converting first-time visitors to returning users.

No game is interesting for users until it has a good resolution. Our developers optimize the gaming experience for your users by enhancing the visual appeal of the website. The clarity of visuals elevates the user experience and plays a major role in converting first-time visitors to returning users. But that’s not all. Our team keeps on improving your website’s structure through rigorous testing, fixing bugs, maintaining code, and removing recurring problems. We also develop schedules and determine milestones that help us monitor the progress, and conduct unit tests and validation procedures to assure the quality of your website.

The skillset of our developers is due to their qualifications and years of experience at developing a wide range of websites and we take pride in that. We hire only the best with proven experience in full game development. Our people have hands-on experience with programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.

We are always striving for the best.

We also have high-level knowledge of APIs and libraries, and specialize in different programming specialities such as 3D rendering, multiplayer, networking, audio, 3D animation, artificial intelligence, etc. We are always striving for the best and to achieve that, our team members keep themselves updated with the latest gaming trends, technologies, and best practices to polish their skills.

Developing a Spot the Ball competition website requires relevant experience to offer an interactive gaming experience and if you want to get a website that offers stunning gameplay and keeps your users glued to their screens then Tentacle Solutions has got you covered.



With gaming websites, you need a marketing team to handle all complexities of your product and help you reach the right audience quickly. However, you do not need to worry if you do not have a marketing team already. We have a highly experienced team of marketers who know how to promote a specific business in view of market trends and competition and possesses the knowledge and skills to reach your target audience within your budget. We understand that marketing is not a one-time task. It requires continuous efforts; otherwise, people forget your website and go to your competitors.

Marketing Spot the Ball

The marketing experts at Tentacle conduct thorough web research to find your target audience. They create a persona to develop a marketing campaign and dive deep, and they use the most current online tools to collect data and analyse it to create the right content for your audience.

We will also create social media accounts for you and share exciting content to engage people. Not every social media is suitable for every business, so we only choose relevant platforms. Our content creators will create social media posts, infographics, videos, and short ads for your Spot the Ball competition website. Video ads and infographics are all the rage now and have high engagement, which means leads.


Moreover, we will use display ads on all those websites where your target audience is located. As marketing strategies keep evolving, nothing remains the same but our marketers will keep up with the changing search engine algorithms and trends for you. Our goal will be to drive more users to your site.



Data analytics has become more critical now and it is important to understand where the traffic is coming from and how long the visitors stay on the website. It also tells us how many people visit your site and what actions they perform.

Analytics is extremely significant for a Spot the Ball competition website.

Analytics is extremely significant for a Spot the Ball competition website because the objective is to increase users constantly. We have a data analytics team with experts who specialize in analysing website data. They use their unique tools and techniques to know all the important analytics.

Our experts use the data to determine bounce rate and website engagement. Such information is beneficial for fine-tuning the marketing strategy to make your website more attractive to its users and offer them reasons to stay on the website for a longer duration. Data analysis allows a brand to understand the behaviour and preferences of its customers, which can help in making the marketing strategy user centric.


What You Don’t Know

There are limited resources for creating a Spot the Ball competition website. Many companies lack developers, designers, marketers, and data experts who have the right website experience. Our team is experienced in every aspect so we will ensure that you get the best possible website for your Spot the Ball competition.

We encourage you to engage with our team members so you can get familiar with us. It can give you the confidence to choose us for developing your Spot the Ball competition website. We are sure the more you find out about us, the more you will lean towards us.

Our team has experience in developing and testing competition websites for fun, so they know how visitors behave and what they want from a website. They will use all that knowledge in developing the best website for you. You might not find many companies offering the same expertise and understanding.


Expert Strategies for the Game

With the right approach and by following the strategies that experienced gamers use, you can certainly increase your chances of winning big. So, let’s dive into some expert strategies people use for winning big in the Spot the Ball game.

1. Pay Attention to the Eye Line of the Players
When you get the image, pay good attention to the eye lines of the players. They are most likely looking at the ball or in the general direction of it and it will help you guess better.

Usually, there are many players in an image so it can be difficult to decipher the players’ eye line. To tackle this, the best way is to find out where most players are looking. It can aid you in making the closest guess for the missing ball.

For example, an image has 13 players, and eight players are looking up. This can be a good indication of the location of the ball and it implies that there is a high chance that the missing ball is in the sky.

2. Use a Digital Ruler
If you watch football, then you know what a digital ruler is. The judges of a Spot the Ball competition use similar rulers for deciding the possible ball location.

You use a digital ruler on every player and analyse the distance between their eye lines. Even a minute difference of 0.50mm can make a huge difference in identifying the ball’s precise location.

Our team members at Tentacle can show you how judges use digital rulers for determining the ball’s location. The players’ positions and their eye lines will also give you a clue about the ball.

3. Watch Videos of Spot the Ball Judges


This is a great way to learn how to spot the ball in the image. You can find videos of judges deciding the position of the missing ball and even though they are not tutorials; they are videos of competition analysis. You will see the judges discussing and announcing the best possible locations of balls.

It is essential to understand that the ball’s location is irrelevant. What matters more is what the judges decide after thorough analysis. Therefore, you need to understand how the judges are thinking to win the competition.

Judging Spot the Ball  

Always analyse the image the way panellists do. Watch the videos repeatedly and find their focus points for determining the ball’s location.


4. Play Multiple Tickets
One of the best features of the Spot the Ball game is that you can play multiple times. It is always a good idea to use this option even if you are sure that your first guess was correct. Experts say you should play 5 to 6 tickets as this increases your chances of winning.


We hope this gave you an idea of how much goes into starting a successful Spot the Ball competition website. Although there is much more to learn, you might not find everything just by browsing. You need an expert with in-depth knowledge and we suggest you contact us and discuss everything in detail.

Our experienced team members are here to answer all your questions. Knowing more about your concerns will help the team give you better results, so, it is a win-win on both ends. Our answers will also help you trust us better and we will provide you with details about the planning phase.

Our designers and developers will stay in touch with you during the development phase. You will be in the loop about everything happening. We will make any changes you want as our priority is to set up a reliable website for you.

Once your website is ready, we do not go anywhere. We will help you market your website and analyse data. Our digital marketers and data experts are our pride. They know how to develop content strategies to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website.

Contact Tentacle for Spot the Ball

At Tentacle, we have a passion for delivering intelligent and innovative solutions for our clients. Our success as a company is because we value our clients and are always striving to give them the best results. We want you to know you can trust us with your money.

Not many companies can provide you with details about designing, developing, running, and marketing a Spot the Ball competition website. We not only create a good website for you, but we also help you run it profitably.


Feel free to contact us through live chat, email, or phone call. After discussing your requirements and related details, we will tell you the timeframe for getting your website up and running. We understand you must have dozens of inquiries regarding the Spot the Ball competition website. We assure you that we have all the answers. Every team member at Tentacle is a specialist in their field, and you can talk to them directly if you like. We always want to provide outstanding results to our clients so they can trust us and keep coming back for more.


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