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Creative Ideas for STB Competitions


  • October 15, 2020

In order to run effective competitions, you must focus on the design, just like in the case of gamification. You must come up with a competition and a system that really encourages behavior by tapping on the intrinsic motivations of the participants.

To launch successful competitions, it’s vital to know both the users and exactly how they should fulfill the goal or purpose of your gamified design, every step of the way. You must also be mindful of the fact that motivations will differ according to the task, aim, and the individual who is playing. Similarly, the mechanics used for gamification must go with the users. So, when you choose to run a prize competition, you should look to improve the experience from the point of view of the users/players by integrating the correct gamification elements and weight up your design to observe its effectiveness in increasing user engagement.

Spot the Ball competitions are all very challenging, enabling the players to make use of their mental capabilities so as to negate any element of chance. The outcome is strongly determined by the players’ ability, unlike chance-based games, where luck plays an inherent role in determining the outcome.

These competitions can help drive user engagement and bolster customer retention and loyalty. This can, of course, lead to greater brand awareness, which would eventually help you achieve your objectives. However, like we’ve mentioned time and time again, it is crucial for gamification to be done correctly for it to be meaningful. For gamification is not about merely employing game mechanics but about how it stimulates our core drives and prompts us to engage with the program.

It does not matter whether you own a small business or a large one; a strategic approach for running promotions on your website is a must for all. Competitions, however, provide an incentive for engagement that can lead to an influx of new users on your website, increase email leads, and (if you possess a comprehensive campaign strategy) make sales.

Running competitions is a very effective way of driving user engagement. But you need to incorporate meaningful elements in it for it to be successful and worth the players’ time. For this to be true, you must first be aware of your goals and include a prize that will motivate users to enter the competition. Further, you must make the competition enticing.

Make them Care

You could do this by incorporating an attention-grabbing title or, as we mentioned before, a prize that taps on their intrinsic motivations, making them WANT to participate. For instance, you could run competitions in order to do fundraising for local teams. Taking part in such competitions would make them believe they’re part of something bigger/working for the welfare of society.

Follow the Trendy Prizes

Another idea you can utilize is that of collectible sneakers for they’ve become a huge new market today, with extremely high demand and a wide range of consumers. This would be a great way of attracting customers.

Unique Experiences

Further, you could offer unique experiences like trips to tourist attractions around the world or meeting celebrities. This is a sure-fire way of luring in users and boosting loyalty. This purpose can also be achieved by making customers compete for memorabilia, i.e., they could compete for a footballer’s signature, basketball jerseys, etc.

However, these are just some of the vast range of possibilities out there. Brief us on what you want/your idea, and Tentacle will prepare a competition site around it.

Spot the Ball’s highly competitive nature coupled with creative ideas for competition sites can induce an environment where users strive for the best and one where merit is all that matters, free of any form of discrimination. This also ensures that only deserving people get the prize. 

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