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Spot the Ball User Experience


  • August 26, 2020

Although Spot the ball is intuitive, it's important to ensure you are including folks who have no clue about gamification or skilled games as things can get complex at times.

However, Tentacle has just the right recipe for a smooth experience:

Getting a "how to play" video:

Tentacle can help create a customized animated video that will walk through the process. A tutorial that will walk through the process - much like the "how-to" websites that are very popular:

We all hate in-game tutorials. When we play a game, we want to drive straight into the action, not spend ages scanning through menus and flowcharts of moves. However, we need to know how to play. We have to understand the new rules of each game—after all, if every game were the same, we wouldn't need other games, right?

And since computer games are so complex, a tutorial goes beyond just "use arrow keys to position the ball." There is how we engage, our objectives, how the world reacts to us: all this has to be conveyed to the player, and preferably without sitting them down and explicitly having to say "spikes are bad." The thing here is, the first bit of minutes of a game can either make or break a player's experience. Therefore, we need to make a tutorial without having the player to sit through a dull lesson on how to play the game... this is a conundrum. The solution has closely to do with how we construct our tutorial: can we make it fun? In fact, can we make it pertinent to the game?


Virtual Assistant :

This is a technology-based on AI. The software makes use of a device's microphone to get voice requests while the voice output occurs at the speaker. But the most exciting thing takes place between these two actions.       
It is a blend of various technologies: language processing, voice recognition, and voice analysis.
This is like a grown-up FAQ. When users ask a virtual assistant to perform a task, the natural language audio signal is transformed into digital data that can then be analyzed by the software. Later, this data is measured up against a database of the software using a pioneering algorithm to find a suitable answer. This database is stored on spread servers in cloud networks. Owing to this reason, most personal assistants cannot function without a stable Internet connection.
With the rising number of queries, the software's database expands and gets optimized, which makes voice recognition better and increases the response time of the system.

Online chat facility  (Tentacle can help with this):    

Live chat support is an excellent opportunity for businesses to build a close connection with customers. It enables support teams to anticipate questions and provide guidance when and where customers require it, helps bolster e-commerce sales, and cuts down on customer wait.

Live chat is a conversational, synchronous one on one customer support channel, which takes multiple forms. It can take the form of a proactive chat window that pops up as customers browse an e-commerce website—think of the last time you were navigating through a site, whether it was for software or shoes, and a chat window emerged asking if you needed assistance. Clicking on it would link you to a live agent. Customers can also start a live chat when they're in need.

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