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Skilled Developers For Skilled Games


  • May 29, 2019

It's a safe bet that people in general don't think about the developers behind skilled games. It would be weird if they did, wouldn't it?

It's a rather small niche. This niche includes private competition site owners, government officials, and official sports associations to name a few. In each case, they were looking for a fresh way to promote their products or giveaway through a skilled game site.

Chances are that you may be wondering who exactly develops skilled games for the above group. For over a decade, Tentacle Solutions based in Glasgow, have been providing a B2B, Skilled Game Turnkey Solution for their clients.
If you've ever stumbled upon or took part in a Spot the Ball game (or any of the other hundred kinds of skilled games), chances are it has been developed and provided by Tentacle Solutions.

Like any business relationship (or any relationship), working with a developer requires a certain amount of trust. Especially if it requires technical prowess and extreme diligence and security like skilled games do.
The fact that Tentacle Solutions have over five hundred clients over the course of the last ten years is a testament to their commitment to providing the best Skilled Game Software in the world.

Knowing the industry of non-gambling and skill-based games in-and-out, their software has worked on three thousand individual games and their computing power is borderline fantastic – processing three hundred fifty thousand spot the ball records daily.

Tentacle Solutions ensure they always provide the best Turnkey Software to their clients by minimizing the risks and tackling the vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis. The company regularly hires top hackers to find any loopholes that may be exposed due to each browsers latest updates. This ensures their clients can market their sites knowing the software is 100% protected against attacks.

Secondly, Tentacle Solutions' servers and databases are fully compliant with government and industry-standard Cyber Essentials scheme. They are reviewed and certified annually.

Tentacle’s clients can offer prizes from high-end electronics to supercars, to exotic properties and resorts. If that doesn't show the incomparable level of reliability, trust, and professionalism – nothing can.

The abovementioned levels of professionalism come from twenty years of experience in the industry and Zarrar Chishti's careful management and leadership. He has established himself as an elite specialist in software and database technologies since 1997 and now oversees a team of software developers and security experts to bring the best skilled games solutions for your business. If you're still thinking about using skilled games for your business - this is the right place to start.

If you've ever stumbled upon a skill-based game, chances are it has been developed by Tentacle Solutions.

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