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Multiple Winners – What Happens Next?


  • May 10, 2019

Your judges have deliberated and decided on the exact position where the ball should have been. Once they click on the proceed button, the system's sophisticated algorithm kicks in. It will power through the millions of entries to find "The One" entry calculated to be the closest to the judges' position. However, what if there is more than just "The One"?

Even though there will be over a million pixels available to your users, there is a, albeit slim, chance that two or more users will have the same distance from the judges' position.

What happens when there are multiple winners? Tentacle Solutions does offer several solutions. The first choice is rather simple; the winner is the player who placed the ball first. This option is by far the most popular decision made by our clients. It also gives their players an incentive to make sure they place their entries quickly and not wait until later to play.

The second choice is to invite all winning players to a private Spot the Ball game. An email will be sent to the winners asking them to log in and play in a private match. They will have a set time, for example, 24 hours, in which to complete this.

Just like the regular game, this game will have a judging process just for the limited number of winning players. If in the unlikely event there are again multiple winners, then the whole process of inviting them to a private game is repeated. Until there is just the winner left.

The above scenarios are only a few of the many scenarios Tentacle Solutions can provide for your gaming platform needs. With over 15 years' experience in running Spot the Ball games, we have been able to provide unique solutions for our clients.

It will power through the millions of entries to find "The One."

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