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HTML6 For Your Competition Site


  • March 03, 2020

A bit over five years ago, HTML5 in combination with CSS3 caused the incredible “wow” effect with the new toolkit for fancy sites, app development, hardware integration, and changed how the internet looks and works. Your skilled game competition site would be barely possible without that technology, not to mention it would be nowhere near as fancy and pleasant as it is now. Lately, the talk of HTML6 bringing the game-changing new elements and causing that same “wow” effect has spread in the developers’ circles.

But it won’t be like that.

With the way W3C, the only authority on all things HTML handles things now, there will never be an HTML6. Even more surprisingly, today we do not use HTML5 because the standard has been updated live, this is a version called “Living standard”. We are using HTML5.2 but web development is going to care about just HTML to future references. So yes, we will have HTML6 someday but will be named just “HTML” and the change will come gradually, not overnight.

But it doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t care about it.

We've gathered the top five reasons for your company to care about HTML6 regarding your skilled game competition site:

More native elements. The web development has shown to us that web technology is great to build not only websites but complex web applications and interfaces so to improve our DOM management. With no need to pollute the code with <"div id"> and instead use a more natural, sponsored tags <"whatever /"> for mark up your software provider will be able to handle more native components not just to make better web apps but PWA’s Progressive Web Application. Basically, this concept is like HTML with namespaces like XML.

Pluggable preprocessors. With visitor’s attention span and patience at their lowest, you need to make sure that the sites load as fast as possible using the least amount of resources. The next iterations of HTML would allow plugging preprocessors like Jade or something developed specifically for you right into the page. This would improve the coding speed, the quality of the site, and the overall user experience.

Quick Authentication. Browsers will need to provide high & fast authentication while accessing HTML6. The trusted software will help the browser and site to work perfectly. The browser can offer sign tokens with embedded keys rather than cookies.
Native video and VR integration. VR is taking the IT world by storm and HTML has to catch up. In HTML6 we expect a native integration with VR technology and

Browser-sizing images. It can be tiring to adapt the size of your site and app for mobile, laptop, PC, and a million other devices even with responsive designs. The perfect look always varies from device to device. The HTML6 will suggest a desired width or height for the best look for the skilled game or Spot the Ball image – which is vital for a pleasant experience of your audience.

Choosing an experienced software development house takes time, but it is essential to have one by your side when the change comes and your company and competition sites need to be ready.

If any of the above has got you worried about your skilled game competition site and its longevity and accessibility in the long-term, you can always arrange a consultation with the specialists from Tentacle Solutions. With more than twenty years on the market, their team knows how to come up with a solution that will last for years, no matter how many times HTML changes.

We will have HTML6 someday but will be named just “HTML” and the change will come gradually, not overnight.

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