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Owning The Game


  • September 11, 2019

Traditionally when you purchased software, it was provided in the form of installation files which you would load (or download) onto your PC. However more recently the phrase “on the cloud” has set the way for most software companies to completely change the whole idea of “ownership”.
Although there has been some backlash, looking at you Adobe, the overall idea of a turnkey cloud based solution does make sense.

Old school ownership of software licensing entailed a whole range of complications – installation, updating, software maintenance, hardware maintenance, data storage and management, security and training. Add the number of risks and complications of skilled games like keeping up with the latest browser security loopholes, ensuring the server has a response to a DDoS attack, making sure that the game is fair, utilising the latest (yet stable) frameworks and it seems just a bit too much for someone who just wants to market a successful competition site.

On the other hand, you have the turnkey skilled games software from Tentacle Solutions. In one package you get fifteen years of experience of product development and design – polished, robust and flexible software that you can use from day one, secure knowing that your technology is being maintained by professionals. Instead of hiring and training an in-house IT team to handle the whole intricate skilled games business and worrying if it will work and what to do if something goes wrong, your company has the time and energy to concentrate on the actual promotion of the game and the company’s brand.
Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

While providing local governments, Football Associations, international firms and individual clients, Tentacle’s R&D team tirelessly work on improvements for their product and designing the new games that are exclusively only available to their clients. Hundreds of their clients rely on the stable and quality skilled games services provided by Tentacle and none of them have to worry about the acquisition of software licenses, installation, updates and risks of hardware failure.
That kind of comfort is worth every penny.

In one package you get fifteen years of experience of product development and design – a polished, robust, flexible software that you can use from day one.

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