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3 Ways To Select The Perfect Skilled Games Developer


  • June 05, 2019

Choosing the right developer to run your company’s Spot the Ball games can be as hard as spotting the ball itself. Even more so, if you aren’t quite sure what the criteria is to run a skilled games competition yourself.
Skilled games is a small niche that requires vast amounts of experience and knowledge in the intricacies of knowing what is a “skilled game” and what is gambling; combined with professional software development and database management skills. In short, the decision on selecting the right developer needs to be sensible and informed.

So, what should you be looking for when selecting a skilled games developer?

It’s easy to come up with abstract criteria for an ideal company. There are IT companies boasting the highest standard of software development practices. However can they develop and run your spot the ball website?
If the software development company has experience in running skilled games, then this converts into a quality product and stable business relationship in the long run. That is why an experienced company should be taken as a standard for the development and management of your competition site.
Tentacle Solutions is such a company.

Experience. Since 2001 Tentacle Solutions has provided Software and Game Development services to both public and private sector projects for companies around the world. This may read like dry numbers, but putting it in a perspective helps – Tentacle Solutions have been around longer than Facebook and Youtube. Over 500 clients adopted their software with a total of over 3000 individual games run over this period. Over the years, Tentacle’s skilled games solutions have evolved into an efficient and seamlessly working turnkey solution for businesses that wish to sell their property in an innovative and legal platform.

Management. In the age of controversial CEOs who either envelop themselves in scandals or defraud their investors and consumers, it is important to know the people who lead the company and their vision. A reliable and respectable leader is the sign of a healthy company. Tentacle is once again a prime example as from day one, Zarrar Chishti heads the company. He brings twenty years of experience he got from working on hundreds of projects everywhere from Edinburgh to London to LA, in companies like Turner Media, British Airways and Channel 4. Major corporations constantly seek his advice on the development of software and viral games. If there is one person who knows how to envision and execute your skilled games – it’s him and the Tentacle Solutions team.

Reviews. How the company treats its employees (click here for Glassdoor reviews) suppliers and what their clients (click here for IO reviews) think of the company is equally important (click here to search for Tentacle Solutions Glasgow). When the company presents itself one way and then its clients and employees paint a completely different picture, it should immediately raise a couple of red flags. After all, it’s a relationship and it should be built on trust.

A lot goes into an informed decision on how to choose your spot the ball developers, but having a prime example in Tentacle Solutions, helps to see beyond the surface and know a good company from the rest.

That is why an experienced company should be taken as a standard for the development and management of your competition site.

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