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  • December 06, 2019

A skilled game competition site that doesn’t target a particular, established and distinguished target market is as good as screaming in the desert – something might come out of it, but that’s unlikely. If you thought that screaming in the desert is a waste of money – you’d be absolutely right. That is why it is absolutely vital for the success of a Spot the Ball competition site is niche market targeting.

The more clearly your marketers defined the target group, the better your company can understand how and where to reach your best prospects and invite them to participate in the competition. You can start with broad categories like millennials (for your eco-friendly start-up competitions) or single dads (tickets for dad and his son to the Premier League Match? Perfect!), but you need to get deeper and deeper into details to achieve the best possible conversion rates.

How should a company go about finding the niche target market? Here are the first steps to establish it and bring the right audience to your competition site:

1. Compile data on your current customers
A great first step in figuring out who most wants to buy from you is to identify who is already using your products or services.

2. Social media analytics
So, where do you get all of this audience research information? Social media analytics can be a great way of filling in the gaps in your customer analysis like finding that single dad with his son who wants to go see Tottenham on Sunday. They can also help you understand who’s interacting with your social accounts, even if those people are not yet customers.

3. Check out the competition
Now that you know who are already interacting with your business and buying your products or services, it’s time to see who’s engaging with the competition.

4. Bring value
This comes down to the key distinction all marketers must understand between features and benefits. You can list the features of your product all day long, but no one will be convinced to buy from you unless you can explain the benefits.

5. Test. Test. Test.
The first step is to create social ads specifically targeted to the exact market you have just defined. You might already have appropriate ad creative from a previous campaign or from your organic social posts, but be honest about whether the material is really as precisely targeted as it should be.

The main goal is to understand what kind of person is just waiting for the link to your competition site and give it to them. The only way to achieve it is to make the competition, the game itself and the site (the branding, the communication channels etc.) to speak the language of your audience. That sounds like a lot to do!

Not to get overwhelmed and concentrate on targeting the right markets and audiences, it’s better to leave the technical side of things for professionals like Tentacle Solutions to handle for you.

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