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Internal Gamification For Sales Team


  • November 26, 2020

As you probably would have established by now, gamification is an excellent tool to drive behavior, especially in today's goal-oriented world. Perhaps, it is this property of gamification that makes it just the perfect implement to increase team cohesiveness that is otherwise a rather forlorn task, given the teams' different locations. In fact, in light of recent circumstances concerning the pandemic, it has become increasingly crucial to design and make use of innovative methods to cater to the problem of managing separated sales teams. However, you don't have to worry about it, for Tentacle Solutions has you covered like always!

United the Sales Teams Stand

Having your sales teams in different locations does not have to mean that you cannot keep them unified and driven towards a common aim. As suggested earlier, you can very much keep them working as a single unit, without the "us versus them" mentality, by employing gamification and using Spot the Ball software with your CRM. In doing so, you can utilize your sales representatives' competitive streaks to unify and bolster and team cohesion rather than allowing them to thaw relations between your teams. Integrating gamification software in your systems will not only make the experience more thrilling for your sales reps, but it will also help bring forth results on KPIs that are important.

always be closing

Here are four ways you can utilize this strategy using our software: 

1. One way of achieving the aim mentioned above is to set up sales competitions between teams in different regions. This way, whether it is the ranking of Team X that you want to know about or the number of meetings closed by Team Y, you can know it all through the data from your CRM displayed on your screen. Now, you don't have to go through the hassle of sifting through your records to see which team is leading.

2. You can use our software to run the competition however you wish, according to what suits your goals best. For instance, you could set the key metric you want to evaluate on, set the timings, integrate rewards, and watch the teams' progress. 

3. Moreover, another way to increase team cohesiveness is by recognizing sales reps when they accomplish a sales task. You could do this by displaying their stats on your system templates/leaderboards/rewarding points or badges. 

4. You can use our STB software to enhance communication, set clear goals, carry out team practices, reward or recognize accomplishments, and celebrate success. Remember, distance does not have to ward you off from opportunities to build your team and the subsequent success that comes with teamwork. 

Learn, Learn, Learn

One can also, however, gamify the sales training process. This could be done much in the same way as mentioned earlier. Leaderboards could be set up for sale steams to showcase their progress, and repurposed versions of spot the ball could be inserted into the sales training. These could be spot the difference or hidden object games that would eventually help with team cohesiveness. Last but not least, badges could be used to facilitate teamwork and competition since they reinforce positive behavior. As a result, you would surely see a rise in revenue and increased ROI of using gamification.

Help us help you

If you need help developing a skilled game competition site or any other gamification solutions for your company, the experienced team at Tentacle Solutions is happy to assist. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we deal with all facets of skilled games, including predictive analytics, testing, creative UI/UX services, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a one-of-a-kind app to suit your unique needs.


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