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Creative ideas for Spot the Ball


  • August 06, 2020

By now, you must have an idea about amplifying your marketing strategy using gamification. Well, research has proven that 70% of business transformation efforts are unsuccessful due to lack of engagement, and gamified marketing can engage and inspire consumers like never before. In fact, 53 % of technology stakeholders declared that by 2020, the employment of gamification would be widespread. Even so, taking a digital approach to gamification is relatively new to the majority of marketers. This is actually good news because the opportunities to capitalize on these engagements are huge and relatively untapped.
In addition, digital gamification, although powered by technology, takes design and creative marketing to really bring this strategy to life. Consequently, when you deploy this tactic, it looks different every time. By creating new design elements, your program will always feel authentic to you and the brand(s) you serve. Mentioned below are some ways you can utilize Spot the Ball for marketing:

Fundraising for charitable causes

As I’ve repeatedly mentioned, it's vital to understand gamification is less about playing a game and more about the psychology around the principles of gameplay, such as creating competition through leader boards or rewarding behavior through badges and analyzing people's behavior. Once charities understand people's motivations to act in certain ways, they can then use that insight to mold Spot the Ball, creating a meaningful game to influence behavior in a manner that will help them achieve their objectives. 

Prize competitions 

You can use prize competitions to create a more playful, interactive relationship with your customers. You can challenge them to show off their skills or creativity with inducement prizes such as cars, houses, expensive accessories. This way, you may be able to collect user-generated content and turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Supporting grassroots sports teams 

The need for funds in grassroots sports seems to increase every passing year, but sponsors are becoming more and more difficult to find. Spot the Ball; however, is a tried and tested way to generate funds for your team

Gamifying branded products

You can also use Spot the Ball to gamify branded products that will help you to increase product awareness, all within the grasp of a game. Spot the Ball is customizable and can be anything the client wants. For instance, if it’s a cereal box you’re selling, you could place that box instead of the ball. Clever, right?

Gamifying events

Last but not least, Spot the Ball can be used in expo booths, conferences, etc. to collect attendee data as well. 

To gamify an event is to make it interactive, fun, and engaging for attendees while allowing you to collect attendee data, drive booth traffic, increase session attendance, and boost the event’s engagement. If done right, your attendees will have a fun and memorable experience without being aware of the benefits you have accrued.

Gamification fosters interaction between attendees, event organizers, sponsors, and presenters. Competition inspires participation, and everyone aspires to win prizes. There are fewer chances of attendees forgetting something they took an active part in, as opposed to something they just sat through.

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