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Full House Of Cards


  • June 14, 2019

In a B2B environment, there are a lot of quantifiable metrics for competition but a lot of times the most important ones can’t be counted. For example - caring about your clients’ customers. When the provider considers not only their business interests and your requirements but also has a deep understanding of the user’s needs and expectations.
That’s what Tentacle Solutions provides to their clients.

In this way, Tentacle Solutions has been able to refine their Turnkey Solution for Spot the Ball software to allow multiple payment processors. If there is a payment method your audience uses – Tentacle will find a way to implement it into their software.

Offering multiple payment method choices has many advantages as some users may prefer one type of payment processor to the other, some may be unavailable in certain territories, or simply having trouble using that one payment method that your provider (as opposed to your users) is used to. Not getting cornered into uncomfortable choices results in positive user experience and better satisfaction. That is why, for the comfort of your users, it is essential to provide them with freedom of choice.

Recently Tentacle have been able to integrate Web Apple Pay into the Spot The Ball solution, meaning that if the user has Apple Pay installed on their phone along with at least one valid card added to it, then the button to pay via apple pay magically appears, letting them concentrate on your site instead of looking for their card. Tentacle helps to take those worries away and provides smooth sailing experience for the Spot the Ball.

Getting hundreds of thousands of users a day to your spot the ball game is your ultimate goal however ensuring you satisfy the majority of the users’ needs must be the number one priority. A skilled games developer who understands this priority and includes it in their development process are essential to the positive user experience and the ultimate success of the Spot the Ball competition site – be it the stability and the security of the game or something less quantifiable like the satisfaction from the comfort of the multitude of payment methods.

This is what Tentacle Solutions strives to do.

Not getting cornered into uncomfortable choices results in positive user experience and better satisfaction.

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