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SPOT-THE-BALL From Behind The Scenes


  • November 22, 2019

Imagine going through all the planning, strategizing, designing and developing a competition site with a Spot-the-Ball game, imagine all the marketing expectations connected to it – the audience reach, engagement, the brand loyalty to be built.
All of that effort, only to see that your developer has branded the entire thing for themselves, stealing the spotlight from you. Some software development houses won’t stop there – they immediately add your testimonials and case studies to their sites, spread it on social media, endlessly pursuing their next big client.

It’s understandable on the developer’s part but it costs time and money to the client and it definitely sours the client-provider relationship. How should a company choose a skilled games development house that cares for confidentiality and integrity of the relationship more than chasing the clout? Easy – choose Tentacle Solutions.

Tentacle exclusively deal only in the B2B market and know how it operates. Over the last 15 years, their team of designers, developers and client managers served hundreds of clients with the best possible skilled games. These include:

  • local governments
  • large enterprises
  • TV production companies
  • football associations
  • charities
  • miscellaneous other organizations.

Their clients’ privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance since Tentacle understands that the game should be about the client’s company, not them. Their team handles all the mechanics, maintenance and support from behind the scenes and lets your company do their business without unnecessary reservations. Their turnkey solution dominates the market (80% of all skilled games were developed by Tentacle) without attracting unnecessary attention.

You, as a competition site owner, shouldn’t worry about your supplier using you for their own ends and instead focus on the goals of the site – engaging the audience in interactive entertainment, making the competition honest and secure and managing any leads they capture or data they generated during the operation of the competition site.

Players flock to skilled game competitions, Spot the Ball because it requires skill, patience and sound judgment. It feels fair and thus the winning, even the anticipation of winning, feels much more rewarding. Thus, it is a challenge for a skilled games developer to make every aspect of the game honest and transparent – referral system among them. The referral system won’t work if the players see trouble with the game or a battle between the provider and organizers.

Understanding what is the best for your company and not just going for the cheap way out or spending too much on things you don’t need is much easier with an experienced software development house by your side. In a volatile and tough industry such as skilled games competitions, Tentacle Solutions can ensure your site will not only have a unique look and feel, but also that it will be about your and only your company. Tentacle remains behind the scenes, making sure that everything works smoothly.

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