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A Turnkey For A Headstart


  • November 08, 2019

The debate on what is better – turnkey, “out-of-the-box” solutions or custom-built, personalized software is as old as the B2B software market. There are pros and cons of both, the relative up-front value for money of turnkey, the flexibility and scalability of the bespoke software and inherent understanding of your business that it provides. Yet at the heart of it all lies the need to understand that no one can objectively state which of the two is better. That’s why the most important part is knowing what your business needs and what would suit it better.

Building a piece of software from scratch, planning and strategizing, for a single marketing campaign sounds like overkill because it is. It dilutes your attention from segmentation, design, and understanding their audience to meet their needs. For a marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness and engaging the audience a custom-built software is both too slow and too expensive of a solution. Especially if your company decides to utilize skilled games for marketing.

When trends don’t live longer than a day or two and audience’s attention span is getting shorter by the day, it’s naïve to think any company has enough time to gain experience, build their own stuff, and only then – reach out to the audience. Skilled games like Spot the Ball help grab the users’ attention, engage them, and let them leave with a feeling of accomplishment. Designing and building skilled game software from scratch requires significant time and money investment, and more importantly, experience. Just take all the regulations and mechanics applicable to skilled games to distinguish them from gambling.

Some may argue that you can’t buy that stuff, but they would be wrong. A turnkey solution from an established and experienced skilled games provider like Tentacle Solutions means you’re paying for more than fifteen years of experience of design and development of skilled games, hundreds of satisfied clients, and thousands of successfully run games.

Developing custom software, even when outsourced to external development house, will also require the company to create a small internal team to manage the various stages of development and maintain the software after its finished. On the other hand, it is possible to buy the skilled game software from Tentacle, run it within a day, and never worry that you will have to frantically seek experienced developers and train them, only to wait for them to develop the game.

As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to find a software provider that can satisfy at least 80% of your business’s requirements. Tentacle Solutions supplies more than 80% of the skilled games on the market with their turnkey solution. It is rightfully doubtful that there is a competition site owner anywhere who would prefer a quick, precise, and proven solution to their marketing needs and go for a costly and risky one.

While it is beyond doubt that in matters of database software and other, less time-limited, issues can offer space for debate on whether “boxed” or custom-built solutions are better, in terms of skilled games in marketing – Tentacle Solutions proved that their turnkey is the best solution a company can get.

The most important part is knowing what your business needs and what would suit it better.

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