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We Are Anonymous*


  • April 19, 2019

Tentacle Solutions is a company which offers software solutions exclusively to the business sector. We have been around for quite a while; in fact, we're approaching 20 years of providing B2B software services. Throughout these years, we have remained a trusted, reliable, and anonymous software provider for all of our customers.

Unlike other IT companies, Tentacle Solutions offers only B2B solutions. This exclusivity means that we are utterly unknown to the consumer market. Incidentally, this has resulted in us being able to provide the best experience and services to our business clients, because we can focus on one thing and be great at it.

Several private companies use our Spot the Ball Software. These include:

  • local governments
  • large enterprises
  • TV production companies
  • football associations
  • charities
  • miscellaneous other organizations.

Each of our clients relies on the high level of confidentiality that we offer. Oh! Don't forget our state-of-the-art Spot the Ball Software technology!

Our company's focus is to provide the very best support to our clients running competition sites. Their success is our success. Our software allows our clients to stop worrying about technology and concentrate on their marketing.

Apart from our excellent support services, we also invest heavily in our Research and Development efforts. We have a team of specialists that is always working to come up with new and updated UI and UX experiences for our spot the ball software.

We also have an exceptionally competent security team that guards our code against the latest security flaws found in browsers. Our team is vigilant day and night to protect our customer's projects from nefarious actors and would-be thieves.

The general public doesn't know about us, and we wish to retain that approach. It helps us to keep your sensitive information a secret.

Contact us today. We want to earn your trust. We exercise complete discretion, and we value your privacy. Tentacle Solutions wants to be your anonymous skilled software provider.

Our anonymity means we are utterly unknown to the consumer market.

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