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Turnkey Competitions and what it means


  • December 23, 2019

Building a piece of software from scratch, planning and strategizing for a single marketing campaign sounds like overkill because it is. It dilutes your attention from segmentation, design and understanding their audience to meet their needs. For a marketing campaign aimed at raising awareness and engaging the audience, custom-built software is both too slow and too expensive of a solution.

More so, if your company decides to utilize skilled games for marketing. What’s the alternative? Turnkey spot the ball solutions.

Turnkey solutions have a wide range of advantages – form the quick implementation, to quality of delivered software and the ease of maintenance. Yet it raises a number of concerns and issues that are not widely discussed and may baffle the first-time users of the spot the ball organizing software for their competition site.

CMS support
The popularity of CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and a myriad of others is obvious and beside the point. Naturally, their user-friendliness appeals to the wide range of customers and yet it is exactly what proves their limits – the administrative, analytical and customization options presented by the popular CMS’s proves to be not enough for a successful spot the ball competition site. A third-party system is just not designed that way and will not support the kind of integration that’s needed for the spot the ball competition. That’s why Tentacle provides their own platforms for all your competition site needs.

Old school ownership of software licensing entailed a whole range of complications – installation, updating, software maintenance, maintenance, data storage and management, security and training. On the other hand, you have the turnkey skilled games software from Tentacle Solutions. In one package you get fifteen years of experience of product development and design – polished, robust and flexible software that you can use from day one.

Reporting and analytics
Tentacle’s custom admin site provides extensive reporting and data analytics tools to handle all the data collected during the competition for further use in marketing and administrative purposes.

The turnkey spot the ball solution works perfectly on all modern devices across all platforms and offers unprecedented responsive design and accessibility to the widest range of users.

Having a lot of questions and not being afraid to ask them during the initial stages of the campaign and the preparation of the competition site are essential for the successful campaign and a smooth sailing for all the participants – from the organizers, to the developers and the users.

As a rule of thumb, it is advised to find a software provider that can satisfy at least 80% of your business’s requirements. Tentacle Solutions supplies more than 80% of the skilled games on the market with their turnkey solution. It is rightfully doubtful that there is a competition site owner anywhere who would prefer a quick, precise and proven solution to their marketing needs and go for a costly and risky one.

Having a lot of questions and not being afraid to ask them during the initial stages of the campaign and the preparation of the competition site are essential.

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