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Standing Out In A Crowd


  • August 09, 2019

If you are looking to open a skilled games competition site, you will first be thinking of the look and design of your site. For a lot of owners, they will start by thinking of using a third party software site such as WordPress or Shopify. The issue only becomes apparent once their site is live; i.e. they start noticing a trend in most of their sites; they all look the same.

Sure, there are minor differences here and there, but overall, they follow the basic template. After some time, it is impossible to distinguish one from another. How does that happen?

Unfortunately without the guidance of a team which would include a UX designer, most competition site owners opt for an off-the-shelf option instead of developing a hand-tailored competition site.

There is nothing wrong with that. But only the latter helps you stand out.

Both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions bring their own risks and benefits. Off-the-shelf packages offer a quicker and cheaper solution - since they are funded by a large number of customers using it. However, this is only true in the short-term, as regular updates, maintenance and support can drive the costs higher over the long-term. Additionally, since everyone is using the same WordPress or Shopify templates, they all get the same “toys” to play with. They cannot facilitate the uniqueness of your competition - what makes your company stand out, the way you do things - differently and better than your competitors.

Bespoke website designs, like the ones Tentacle Solutions, should fit like a glove since it was made particularly for your business after their team of professionals researched how you would like the competition to work and what you need. The site will grow and evolve according to your goals and ideas. But it has its own caveats, too.

The first one is always the cost. The cost of bespoke competitions sites can be higher when compared to a WordPress site. Those professionals who learn how you work, what your players need, who design the solution, and the quality they bring to the table is not cheap. And it is not a job you want to be done in a rush.

Understanding what is the best for your company, and not just going for the cheap way out or spending too much on things you don’t need is much easier with an experienced software development house by your side. In a volatile and tough industry such as skilled games competitions, Tentacle Solutions can ensure your site will have a unique look and feel. This in turn will allow your potential users to immedietly differentiate your site from all the others in the market. Thus ensuring trust and confidence in your brand.

Everyone using the same WordPress and Shopify templates get the same “toys” to play with.

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