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Engaging with your Users


  • October 03, 2019

Once your competition site has been built then what? It is easy to fall under the impression that organising a skilled game is all about coming up with fun, eye-catching prizes along with some slick marketing that will hopefully bring a huge amount of traffic to your site. However this is just the tip of the iceberg of the endless possibilities available to you for audience engagement and market research that running a skilled games website can offer.

It is a social experience for the users – the promise of winning a prize, supporting their teams, cities, business, and sharing their interests with friends and family; and for the organisers, too – understanding and anticipating the needs of the users and making their time on the site worthwhile.

This makes skilled games a user-focused endeavour and all its features should be designed as such. The unique features tied into their skilled games software offered by Tentacle Solutions gives you, the administrator, a deep understanding of the principles of your games and how your users operate within this ecosystem. Those features are directly rooted in the abovementioned social experience:

Social referrals are aimed at making it easier to invite friends and family to get rewards and increase chances of winning the bigger prizes. All in one click.

Big Data With Tentacle’s full set of powerful reporting tools designed for accumulating Big Data, it is possible to analyse, compartmentalise, and target specific, niche groups of players depending on a myriad of characteristics. Tentacle’s back-end admin system lets organisers use powerful tools with ease and reach out to users like never before. For example, organisers can:

Target users that have registered at the site but have not yet played. Why not learn about them, why they haven’t played, and pop into their inboxes with a friendly "how to play" video.

Take another group of users: they have not logged in for a while. Sending them a "We miss you" email along with an exclusive offer is always a good idea.

This also allows caring for the users that actively play skilled games and have already referred a few people. They would appreciate if you sent them a personalised email telling that they are doing awesome and near their goal.

Quiz Time Quizzes are perfect to simultaneously learn more about the audience and inform them about the offers and rewards. A friendly pop up a quiz that asks the users if they don’t mind answering the questions, and among them there is - "Do you know about our rewards program?"; if they say no, they get an email with all the information to help them get their friends and family on to the site.

Your competition website may have the best site design, but if the game and the game’s ecosystem does not engage and anticipate it’s users’ needs then it’s as good as useless. Only after years of polishing and perfecting its skilled games, Tentacle Solutions offers a solution that understands both the organisers and the players, with endless potential for creative decisions.

Skilled games is more than prizes and marketing; it’s a social experience.

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