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Solutions That Exceed Expectations


  • October 25, 2019

When a business considers outsourcing software development, they may have their doubts – should we find a freelancer? Or maybe better hire our own in-house developers? If we go to a development house - what would we get? If it is a simple piece of software or a website, freelancers are a viable option. If this is a long-term solution and the budget and time are not limited, then in-house developers may as well work. But if the solution you are looking for is a skilled game site, with all the rules and caveats that go into it, only the best professionals in the industry are necessary.
Such professionals are Tentacle Solutions and with Tentacle your business gets more than you expect.

The development of skilled games looks simple on the surface but in the everchanging, overcomplicated world of technology nothing is simple anymore and the development of a skilled game website requires a lot more than some web-design skills:

Strategy and Planning
Development starts even before the first line of code is written. That’s why Tentacle comes in early and helps its clients strategize and consults on every important choice to be made before and during development.

Database design
For Tentacle it is not important for you to be physically close to their Glasgow office or on the other end of the world, their experts will be there to meet your team, understand your business’s needs and build the best cloud-based database system that works for you. With almost fifteen years of database design and development behind their belts, they can conjure a solution for any business anywhere.

UX and UI design
Your business is unique and so should be your website experience. Tentacle researches your users, their expectations and delivers the most intuitive and accessible user experience and user interface solutions to meet the growing demands and shrinking patience for your audience.

Data Intelligence
Designing skilled games, building cloud databases and collecting all user data is useless if it is not actionable. Tentacle develops the right tools at the intersection of marketing, predictive analytics and business developments to make the data understandable and useful for the business.

Privacy and data security have never been so important to businesses and users. With GDPR and PSD2 in place, it is vital to the business to do their best on the security front. Tentacle provides seamless integration of security standards, operational excellence and full compliance with all security requirements.

The chances that any one freelancer or a development company not specializing in developing skilled games are very slim. Compare that to Tentacle Solutions who deliver everything needed to develop, launch and maintain a successful skilled game.

With Tentacle your business gets more than you expect and definitely more than with any freelancers or other development agencies.

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