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Can The Spot The Ball Software Be Integrated Into Our Wordpress/Current Website?


  • January 30, 2020

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer:

As much as Tentacle’s team doesn’t like to say “No” to anything, integrating our Spot the Ball game is impossible. This is due to the fact that we offer a turnkey solution, and this means your site along with our software has to sit on one of Tentacle’s five servers. This ensures the security and integrity of the game’s mechanics.

We appreciate that WordPress is easy to integrate – you don’t have to worry about building a content management system from scratch or coming up with your own design since there are thousands of templates, ready for use. This ubiquitous character of ready-made CMS comes at a price – it’s practically impossible to install any third-party solutions by yourself.

The same applies to custom sites or web design agencies. However, our team will actively work with them with the design of your site but ultimately it has to be handed back to Tentacle.

With Tentacle’s Spot the Ball turnkey Solution, you get fifteen years of experience of product development and design – polished, robust and flexible software that you can use from day one, secure knowing that your technology is being maintained by professionals. Instead of hiring and training an in-house IT team to handle the whole intricate skilled games business and worrying if it will be legal. Also, what to do if something goes wrong? Does your company have the time and energy to concentrate on the actual promotion of the game and the company’s brand if you are constantly battling against user frustration and hackers.

While providing local governments, Football Association, international firms, and individual clients, Tentacle’s R&D team tirelessly work on improvements for their product and designing the new games that are exclusively available to their clients. Hundreds of their clients rely on the stable and quality skilled games services provided by Tentacle and none of them has to worry about the acquisition of software licenses, installation, updates, and risks of hardware failure – you buy the turnkey solution and its ready to be used out of the box. Tentacle Solutions will handle the rest.

That kind of comfort is worth every penny.

If you’ve considered utilizing a gamification marketing strategy and setting up skilled game competition site, you should keep in mind all of the above when making a decision and choosing a provider. All the security issues and potential risks should be evaluated and openly discussed between your company and the development house.

At least that’s how Tentacle Solutions handle competition site and skilled games development and that why you should drop them a line if you are considering a skilled game competition site.

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