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Why Cheap Competitions Are Expensive


  • March 12, 2020

How many times can one competition site rebuild and reworked? More than you think and more than you need in case you go for cheap competition site providers.

When dealing with gamification projects, inexperienced managers often make short-sighted decisions for many reasons. Sometimes they're trying to meet short-term objectives, such as improving their quarterly profits, which seems to be a more urgent goal than investing for the long term. Besides, two years from now, they may be long gone and the health of the firm will be somebody else's problem. For years, consulting companies and IT start-ups have been outsourcing parts of the software development cycle offshore or to freelancers, in a pursuit to minimize the cost. As a result, they get raw products, the baggage of issues, and no one to solve them.

This is unacceptable when you're dealing with your customer's money and expectations in the business of skilled games. When the whole endeavour is built upon the mutual understanding and trust between the organizers who provide the platform, an honest competition, and the ultimate prize on the one side; and the players who will drive the traffic, raise brand awareness, and do their best to compete for the prize on the other. That is why a seriously skilled game competition organizer needs the best developers on the market.

The best developers and skilled games providers come with a hefty price tag of course, yet, as counterintuitive as it sounds, they are cheaper. Because there is a difference between the price and the cost.

For the sake of the argument let's establish the difference between the "price" and the "cost". For example, buying the $199 laptop may seem like a good, quick investment. But the fact that it would get super slow in two weeks and breaks in 6 months means it was a waste of $199. Buying a well-researched computer for $600 that has a history of longevity and lasts you 5 years is a fantastic buy. The same basic principles apply to competition site development.

Choosing an experienced software development house takes time and money, but ultimately it sends the message that you care about experience, knowledge, and quality. That's what Tentacle Solutions offer. Yes, it is expensive, but can you put a price tag on the trust of your audience?

If any of the above has got you worried about your skilled game competition site and its quality in the long-term, you can always arrange a consultation with the specialists from Tentacle Solutions. With more than twenty years on the market, their team knows how to come up with the best-skilled game's solution.

The best developers and skilled games providers come with a hefty price tag of course, yet, as counterintuitive as it sounds, they are cheaper.

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