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The Wheat From The Chaff


  • November 01, 2019

Gamification is everywhere – it’s discussed in social media, marketing bloggers write endlessly about, it gets researched in academic papers and for a good reason.
Gamification engages audiences, makes otherwise tedious processes a smooth and pleasant experience. No wonder the popularity of skilled games is at an all-time high – the ultimate gamification instrument that allows to build the brand for the organizing company, engage the audience and spread the word. More and more businesses embrace skilled games in their marketing strategy and Tentacle Solutions welcomes the healthy competition that legitimizes and further establishes this niche.

Yet it is rare for a successful skilled game to hit the news – quite the opposite. The news of the poorly managed sites that failed their users are an easy target and thus dominate the narrative. Sensationalism rarely helps users learn how to distinguish reliable game sites from dangerous ones.

Tentacle Solutions is committed to the safety of the skilled games users and the pleasantness of their experience. That's why it’s essential for tentacle to educate the users on how to distinguish a professionally organized game from a bad one?
There are simple criteria for that:

UX and UI
Tentacle researches the users, their expectations and delivers the most intuitive and accessible user experience and user interface solutions to meet the growing demands and shrinking patience for your audience. When the game site or the developer’s portfolio includes cumbersome, ugly designs – it’s an immediate red flag.

Quality assurance
One thing is when a software developer can guarantee their product, another – when they are ready to go through an external audit to prove it. Tentacle long ago decided that the products quality and clients trust are paramount and obtained the Cyber Essentials certification. A skilled game developer unwilling to assure the quality of its product is another red flag for both the clients and the users.

Legal Compliance
The legal framework for skilled games is intricate and requires strict adherence to the regulations to be considered a skilled game and not gambling. Years of experience and training guarantee that Tentacle knows what they are doing.

Privacy and payment security have never been so important to businesses and users. With GDPR and PSD2 in place, it is vital to the business to do their best on the security front. Tentacle provides seamless integration of security standards, operational excellence and full compliance with all security requirements.

The above is just the minimum of what one should expect from a skilled-gamed developer if you don’t want to end up in the news because of a marketing campaign gone awry and disgruntled players. No wonder Tentacle Solutions dominates the market with 85% of the skilled games developed by the Tentacle team, while not making any fuss about it in the news. Quality does not require noise.

Quality does not require noise.

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