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When Cheap Is Unaffordable


  • August 30, 2019

Going for a cheaper games developer may seem like a good idea in the short run but ultimately it can lead to issues and problems once your game has started. As the site owner, you wouldn’t want that. Your players and clients wouldn’t want that either. Everyone apart from the media; who understandably would have a field day.

Then where do these cheaper developers go wrong and why are some skilled games developers much more expensive?

A prestigious development house offers something more than a combination of their developers’ skills and management methods – they offer the following:

EXPERIENCE. There is no substitute for this. It is safer to trust professionals who have fifteen years in the skilled games business. Young companies and cheap solutions may seem tempting, but ultimately have nothing on the years of experience behind the more experienced developer’s belt.

TRACK RECORD. You can’t usually see the future, but when a company has a proven track record of finished projects and satisfied clients (and don’t forget the stories about winning cars, houses, tickets, and money – what can be better than that?), it is the best indicator of what your solution will look like. With cheaper solutions, it would be a leap of faith.

SPEED AND QUALITY. Design, development, testing, security, encryption – a lot goes into the development of the skilled game. The best developers not only have established practices and procedures at every step and especially with all the personal data – they are transparent about them.

COSTS. Ironically enough, the cheaper the solution – the more you will pay for it in the long run. The added costs of urgent fixes, maintenance, adding features that were omitted, potential risks of system failure, security risks, data breaches, and more raise the cost well above the price of a turnkey package from Tentacle Solutions. Rarely a company can afford a cheap solution.

All of the above influences the cost of development and obviously doesn’t lower it in the short term. On the other hand, if the cost of development is comparably lower – how sure can you be in the stability of your game or the safety of the players’ personal data? Considering the unbearable horrors associated with cheap development of a skilled game described in the beginning, it is safe to say that a good skilled games development company like Tentacle Solutions is worth every penny spent.

Rarely a company can afford a cheap solution.

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