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How to Understand Your Players’ Personas


  • February 12, 2020

When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. Sadly, the same applies to skilled game marketing – if you expect everyone to be your target audience and that everyone should visit your competition site and play your Spot the ball, we’ve got some bad news – no one will. That’s why it’s impossible to stress how important identifying your target audience is to the eventual success of your marketing campaign. To properly determine your target audience, you need to narrow it down as much as possible. The best way to do that is to work on the marketing personas of your players – real-life portraits of your audience.

How do you identify marketing personas?

Let’s establish what a marketing persona is. A marketing persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience. For content marketing purposes, you need personas to help you deliver content that will be most relevant and useful to your audience. How many “humans” do you have to create and what goes into it? Opinions on these matters are all over the plays, but we advise to narrow it down to three personas and it should include the following characteristics:

Name of the persona – better give it a real name, not an impersonal key

Job title

  • Key information about their company (size, type, etc.)
  • Details about their role

Goals and challenges

  • Primary goal
  • Secondary goal

How you help achieve these goals

  • Primary challenge
  • Secondary challenge

How you help solve these problems

Values / fears

Common objections during the sales process

Your marketing message

That’s an intimidating amount of raw data and educated guesses, you might wonder, and you would be right. Your first stop should be your competition sites analytics since it provides you comprehensive raw data on who is interested in your site already, where they come from, and how much time they spend there. With proper analysis, it proves to be an invaluable source for creating player’s personas. Your team and your skilled game provider should be your next stop. Their experience and understanding of the skilled game niche allow you to unearth the devil in the details that can be vital in narrowing down the persona and making it as personal as possible.

Last, but not least, is good, old questionnaires and surveys. Ask your audience questions, what can be easier than that.

Marketing personas will help you identify with your audience and better solve their problems. And when you solve their problems, everyone wins. There is a myriad of free and premium templates on the internet and as many approaches to identifying and refining marketing personas for your competition site.

If you need a great competition site with the best skilled games in the market, and you want advice on how to attract the perfect audience to it – you should definitely drop a line to Tentacle Solutions.

Marketing personas will help you identify with your audience and better solve their problems. And when you solve their problems, everyone wins.

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