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How 2020 made Gamification a Top Priority for Sales Teams?


  • December 10, 2020

It has become increasingly crucial to explore and create a pipeline if a sales team is to power through 2020. In case you are not keeping up with other sales teams and adapting to new ideas and methods that are in use by your colleagues, then you will inevitably repeat their mistakes. 

Employing gamification in your system will help rejuvenate the sales floor's buzz despite the distance between you and your team. It is also true that games have helped showcase the importance of leaderboards, the significance of celebrating milestone achievements, etc. 

No more traveling abroad

As sales teams cannot travel across borders this year to work towards a common goal; thus, a carefully curated plan is needed to increase team cohesiveness now more than ever. This will help in forging new bonds and prompt new ideas. One way you could go about this is by doubling down on company-wide competitions. You could perhaps integrate a points-based competition across different roles in your company and mix people from different areas so as to encourage them to work together to increase their chances of winning. This would indeed have a fantastic result as new bonds would be formed. A jolt of energy would be observed across the organization. 

CRM adoption is crucial

Gamification software allows you to capture activity done within a CRM in real-time. You can tap on your sales teams' intrinsic motivations by displaying their achievements, rewarding them, or allowing them to receive acknowledgment for their achievements in the form of likes and comments. You can bolster their competitive streaks by setting up competitions that reward them for accomplishing new tasks. They level up due to their steady progress, for example, in adopting a new methodology set out by you. Gamification plays a significant role in making CRM adoption and accountability a success. 

Digital onboarding

In 2020, companies have welcomed most of their new colleagues online. Therefore, no in-person attendance means monitoring new employees' progress through online resources and a well-structured plan for their first weeks. It would help if you assigned them goals, certifications on the basis of their skills, and a public acknowledgment of their efforts. All of this, however, can be done using elements of gamification like leaderboards/badges/progress bars hence making the process of remote onboarding less daunting as gamification allows us to monitor the progress of the new members.

Global recession

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many industries, especially retail and tourism industries, have seen a significant decrease in revenue and are hence struggling to make ends meet. This, in turn, affects other industries such as the textile industries that provide for these industries, so an overall ecosystem is disrupted.

This means that companies have to step up their game and actively enroll in a mission to build a new pipeline. Gamification is not just about badges and levels; rather, elements of gamification such as leaderboards can all be used to highlight the importance of pipeline generation. Bolster your team's intrinsic motivation and praise your employees for their efforts while simultaneously showing the whole company that efforts never go to waste and lead to new client meetings and pipeline.


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