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Looking Outside The Ball


  • September 27, 2019

Spot the Ball is a skilled game with a long history; dating from the Second World War and the times when Littlewoods dominated football pools. Since those times until today, we have always associated it with football.

Today anyone looking to use a spot the ball skilled game for their competition site are essentially stuck with reinventing a sixty-year-old game. What else is there offer apart from football? Right?

“Why limit yourself?”

When you look at the big picture and understand the principles of skilled games (like the team at Tentacle Solutions does regularly for their clients) you begin to understand that it can be anything as long as the user has to spot something.
Take your market research. Did it show, for example, that your company’s audience watches more rugby? Spot the Rugby Ball. Tennis? Cricket, basketball, hockey? Spot the ball mechanics have got you covered.

However Tentacle Solution’s Spot the Ball Software allows way more creativity than people expect.

There is little connection between spotting the ball in a football match photo and giving away a brand-new car. Spotting the keys in an image of those keys being thrown in the air by several people would fit like a glove. Creative solutions bring their own challenges that must a profound understanding of the spot the ball game and its skill-based nature. So for example, the keys shouldn’t be blindly thrown in the air so that the players can only guess their position by chance.

There should be clues left for the users; e.g. directions of the arms and hands of the people in the image, their line of sight and more. Clues also need restraint: neither you nor the player wants the game to be too easy.

Then you have the location in the image, the items for spotting, the cast of witnesses—making them more interesting, breaking the mold of standard spot the ball photos, raises the chance of the game going viral and bringing significantly more people to engage with your marketing campaign.

The tools for creativity are more available - statistically, you’re reading this on your smartphone that can take a beautiful photo that can be used in a spot the ball game. Together with the deep understanding of the game (and help from professionals who earn their living by making them like Tentacle Solutions) and the audience you’re targeting it is a recipe for successful marketing strategy.

Tentacle Solution’s Spot the Ball Software allows way more creativity than people expect.

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