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Why is Gamification the Best Marketing Tool?


  • January 27, 2021

Why is Gamification the Best Tool for Marketing?

The current pandemic has forced businesses all around the world to move online. This transition, however, comes with great challenges, online marketing being the most crucial. Nevertheless, tools like gamification have proven to turn the tables for many across the board. This is due to the following reasons: 

Fosters a state of flow

Flow psychology chart

Flow refers to the mental state of an individual who performs an action while being completely immersed in what it is that they are doing, i.e., they are focused/involved and enjoying their task. This is just the perfect time for you to send across messages that you would want them to remember and motivate them into completing tasks.

You won't be forgotten

Thoughtfully combining games or fun tasks requiring the use of skill or knowledge with your most potent marketing messages presents you with the opportunity to create awareness and be remembered. Such magic is undoubtedly the product of no other marketing tool but gamification.

Intrinsic motivation

Games tap on the intrinsic motivations of users, prompting engagement and conversions. A successful game can trigger one's need for competition, rewards, and status; this ultimately enables you to increase audience engagement, contribution, loyalty, and impact and drive certain behaviors.

Attracts Audiences

Marketing Audience

When done right, gamification can engage your audience in a set task without making them feel marketed or sold to. One way to go about your marketing scheme is to share messages or updates when your customers are actively engaged in your game. However, this has to be done in an authentic and timely way.

Nevertheless, whatever you do will not reap any fruits if you don't incorporate gamification correctly or don't understand the essence of gamification. In order to avoid any gamification pitfalls, you must:

  1. Align your aims with the right gamification mechanic

  2. Know the audience you are targeting

  3. Incorporate the right incentive

  4. Keep it simple and unique

In addition, you must also make sure that you don't put your user data and security at risk while trying to make the most out of your marketing campaign. This can be done by employing the help of professionals who can help you with your marketing scheme without compromising your data and security. Unlike other companies, at Tentacle Solutions, we guarantee your data protection through compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. This is legislation on data protection and privacy. Furthermore, unlike many other platforms, Tentacle does not expose user data to exploitation. At Tentacle, we give paramount importance to providing top-notch security. Therefore, our solutions are much more secure and suitable, and free of risk of data exploitation. We use SSL certificates that are digital certificates that provide authentication for a site and enable an encrypted connection.  Moreover, along with having secure databases, we do not gather or store any transaction data, thus ensuring all the parties' privacy.


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