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Spot The Social Media Performance


  • February 05, 2020

Skilled games like Spot the Ball have a long history rooted in the social nature of the game. Sharing and inviting friends to participate in the game, with the competitiveness and prize-winning at the hear to fit. To measure it we turn to social media analytics.

Measuring social media analytics requires a comprehensive strategy that takes into account all channels in the funnel, in real-time, in order to help you determine the best path to success. With 20% of the marketing budget going to social media, you need to know what works. Analyzing data in real-time provides an opportunity to make informed decisions, and to assess and adjust a social campaign to optimize your competition site budget.

What social metrics do you need to analyze for your competition site?

1. Follower Dynamics
The number of social media followers you have mattered because bigger numbers translate to higher levels of engagement and more traffic to your Spot the Ball game. You can simply visit your social network and look at the number displayed on your profile and compare to posting and engagement history to find the correlation between spikes in following and the updates to your competition site.

2. Impressions and Irregularities
The impressions metric is the number of people who’ve seen your social media updates. All of the top social networks have built-in analytics. For example, on Twitter, go to Twitter Analytics and visit the Tweets tab to see the number of tweet impressions. Look for spikes in impressions on particular days and look for the correlation we mentioned above. Sometimes your impressions will increase just because you posted a few extra updates. This is why it’s good to stick with a fixed number of updates over the course of the competition site gamification update - it will make your analysis more accurate.

3. Peaks and Valleys of Engagement
Followers and impressions are useless if you’re not getting any engagement. Increases in the two metrics discussed above should be proportional to increases in engagement. When you get a good amount of engagement in the form of likes, repins, retweets, and comments, it means your followers are interested in your content and will go to your competition site and play Spot the Ball.

4. Traffic funnel
Clicks are a separate metric because they influence traffic. While analyzing clicks and traffic for your competition site, look for the number of clicks in your social media analytics, and find your traffic numbers in your website analytics. Game screenshots? Giveaways? Advice? Search for content that drives the traffic and double down on it. Tentacle’s servers can handle your game going viral.

5. Mentions and brand sentiments
Mentions are the number of times other social media users tag your social media page or even just write your company’s name. To accurately track this metric, you need to use a social listening tool. It will allow you not only to see the level of brand awareness and track the long-term performance of your social media marketing but understand the public perception and the sentiment you game invokes in audience.

When you let a professional skilled game provider like Tentacle Solutions take over the design and development of the game and the competition site, you get the chance to pay attention to the actual marketing and what we discussed above. We let you focus on the important things, while we handle the rest and provide you with a clean turnkey solution. At least that’s how Tentacle Solutions handle competition site and skilled games development and that why you should drop us a line if you are considering a skilled game competition site.

Analyzing data in real-time provides an opportunity to make informed decisions, and to assess and adjust a social campaign to optimize your competition site budget.

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